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SuperMath 2


Prof. Enisteni is having a problem. He has to solve a bunch of mathematics formula this morning, but unfortunately, his glasses is lost. Help him solving the problem while he’s looking for his glasses.
SuperMath 2” is a simple mathematics game which is easy to play but hard to master. Each question gives you one math formula, either addition, subtraction, or multiplication (depend on your choosen difficulty level), and you have to guess whether the result is correct or not. If not, you also need to guess whether it’s bigger or smaller than the correct result. It sounds easy, but you have time to beat. And the math game won’t be like walking in the park since the time limit will also become quicker whenever your level increase.

So, start concentrating and prove your mathematic skill to Prof. Enisteni.



– Three difficulty level (easy, medium, hard)
– Google Play Game service support (Leaderboard & Achievement)
– Infinite play mode
– Clear interface, so you can concentrate on the game
– Nice background music

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